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Bobo egg is the best quality egg, clean, 99.9 % bacteria-free, undamaged and the freshest. This product has been created out of concern for our customers’ health and satisfaction. We have achieved such high hygiene and quality standards in the egg production process thanks to the use of the most advanced machine in Poland, which allows us to eliminate dirty eggs, checks and bloody whites completely.

The egg is marked with the laying date, reaches stores on the next day after being laid, and the package is wrapped in a band preventing the package from being opened.

Bobo egg is a perfect product, suitable for such demanding customers as children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.


  • Unquestionable freshness– the laying date is stamped on the egg and it reaches stores one day after being laid.
  • The egg is bacteria-free thanks to the use of UV-C radiation in the eggshell disinfection process, which considerably inhibit the development of microorganisms (in 99.9 %).
  • The highest quality, which we are 100% sure of, because our eggs are produced from beginning to end in Suflidowo.That is thanks to consistent monitoring of the production process and to control over the quality of feed ingredients, to the use of the newest technologies and to observance of the HACCP system.
  • Unique flavour and nutritional advantages thanks to the fact that our hens are fed feedstuff produced in our own farm on the basis of selected grain types (wheat, maize, oats) and other ingredients (sunflower, soya, pea) in order to ensure the optimum composition in accordance with the natural dietary preferences of poultry.
  • Abundance of amino acids – an egg is a source of amino acids that cannot be produced by a human body but are indispensable during pregnancy, breastfeeding or intensive growth.
  • Valuable source of fats – a great source of fats and fatty acids including unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA, which conditions the development of nervous system in foetuses, infants and older children, and of lecithin, which regulates fat and cholesterol metabolism.
  • Special packaging– Bobo egg is distinguished by a label in the form of a protective band


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