The main goal of the company is to keep developing by providing high quality services that meet the growing expectations and requirements of Customers, at the same time ensuring that the products are safe to use. To this end, the company has implemented the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Considering the needs of our Customers, we aim at gaining their trust and providing them with high quality products so as to become a dependable partner of current and future Customers. Thanks to the reliable suppliers that continually oversee basic production and to our experience
in packing, distribution and marketing, every day we keep strengthening the position of our company on the Polish and foreign markets.

The Quality Policy of the Suflidowo Group of Agricultural Producers involves:

  • full commitment of the whole staff and management to the production process,
  • ensuring that the produced and distributed goods are safe for the health of consumers,
  • choosing and working with partners that supply the best quality resources and materials,
  • hiring employees with sufficient knowledge and qualifications and remarkable practical skills, striving for continuous development,
  • aiming at higher and higher production standards, improving production, storage and distribution hygiene
    as well as employee personal hygiene,
  • continuous development of our products,
  • building mutually satisfactory and lasting relations with our business partners,
  • upgrading the production line and the technical infrastructure of the company,
  • improving the qualifications of the whole staff,
  • reviewing and improving the quality management system.

We try to maintain lasting, mutually satisfactory relations with our suppliers. We prefer working with suppliers that offer products and services of the quality that meets our requirements. Satisfaction of our Customers, partners and suppliers and their positive feedback are the main source of our continuous growth and they show us what can still be improved.

On behalf of all the people involved in the company, the Management Board pledges to pursue the goals of the quality policy,
to respect the environment, to keep improving the Food Safety Management System and to observe legal regulations. The Management Board of the Company declares that the principles of this policy have been implemented and they are understood and observed by the whole staff.