The history of the Suflidowo Group of Agricultural Producers dates back to 1977, when Józef Suflida’s farm producing table eggs started its activity. With the years, other farms were established by the Suflida family.
Facing modern market challenges, the above-mentioned entities decided to improve their work organization and customer service for the sake of more and more demanding customers. To this end, the Suflidowo Group of Agricultural Producers was founded, which includes now six egg producers. The Group’s activity is based on many years’ experience of its members. Following the motto: “Reliable as demanded by tradition, innovative as required by the future”, it provides its customers with a wide range of products, from standard eggs to premium eggs. As it has its own feed mixing plant, Suflidowo has sticked to the traditional, chemical-free way of feeding chicks and layers based on natural ingredients. All this results in the delicious flavour of the final products.



The Quality Policy of the Suflidowo Group of Agricultural Producers involves:
full commitment of the whole staff and management to the production process,
ensuring that the produced and distributed goods are safe for the health of consumers,
choosing and working with partners that supply the best quality resources and materials,
hiring employees with sufficient knowledge and qualifications and remarkable practical skills, striving for continuous development,
aiming at higher and higher production standards, improving production, storage and distribution hygiene as well as employee personal hygiene,
continuous development of our products,
building mutually satisfactory and lasting relations with our business partners,
upgrading the production line and the technical infrastructure of the company,
improving the qualifications of the whole staff,
reviewing and improving the quality management system.




A lot of research and work on new solutions is what makes our company special and proves our professionalism.


Every day our group of specialists face new challenges to live up to the highest expectations of our customers.


Our greatest success is the satisfaction of our customers.